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Looking to sell your vehicle outright or maybe you are ready to purchase your new vehicle. If so congratulations! Either way selling your current vehicle to us can put some equity in your pocket, or reduce the price of your new vehicle. Most automotive sites are using automated tools which can lead to inaccurate estimates. Through our dedicated trade appraisal form, we hand curate our trade estimates. This provides you with the most upfront and accurate estimate possible.


Value Your Trade-In

If you're looking to get started or save yourself time in store with your trade estimate, this can be done quickly and easily online using our trade estimate form located here. You will just need to input some basic information like VIN number and condition of the vehicle. From here we will manually estimate your vehicle and reach out via email/phone with an offer.


Appraisal Appointment

Once you have your estimate, it's time to schedule an in person appraisal appointment. If you are out of state we will walk you through the process, on how to provide us with the information needed remotely. During your appraisal we will inspect the vehicle, to ensure the condition of the vehicle is as we discussed to finalize your estimate.


Our Offers:

Once we have finalized an offer you can decide whether you would like to accept or decline the offer. Our offers are good for 7 days or 200 miles, whichever comes first. We understand your time is valuable, and try to make the process as upfront, quick, and easy as possible. While it is convenient to trade your vehicle in, we also offer the ability to assist with negative equity when purchasing a vehicle.


Let's Move Forward!

Once you have an offer, you can make the decision to accept or decline the offer. If you decide to accept the offer, be sure to bring along title, keys, registration, and driver's license. We will complete some paperwork, or apply it towards your new vehicle purchase!