Do You Know What to Do If You See an Emergency Crew on the Side of the Road?

Although all 50 states currently have laws on the books concerning move over laws, the majority of drivers are not aware what they should be doing if the see a road crew working on the shoulder of the highway.

In a staggering statistic that was provided by the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, there are over 200 road crew workers that lose their lives at the hands of motorists that did not move over and provide them enough room to be working safely. The reason it is so important these move over laws need to reach more drivers, the National Safety Commission reports that over 70 percent of all drivers are not even sure what move over laws are and when they should pull into a different lane.

These move over law safety laws are being offered to customers by BMW of Myrtle Beach to spread the word and help keep workers safe and you from getting a ticket.

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