With Proper Tire Rotations, Your Suspension Will Thank You

While you are sure to have heard that having tire rotation services performed on your care will extend the life of your tires. However, did you know that this service will increase the performance of your vehicle's suspension system as well?

When your tires are not properly adjusted to the surface of the road, this causes the struts, shocks, and springs to experience uneven expansion levels. This can cause these suspension system components to wear at a different rate creating more shock to be experienced within the vehicle. The jarring and shock that is caused when traveling on uneven surfaces or when hitting potholes increases and can actually damage the chassis of your vehicle.

To ensure that your tire rotation services are up to par, we encourage you to schedule a check-up with one of our certified technicians here at BMW of Myrtle Beach. These professionals will be able to provide you the confidence you need when the comfort and safety of your vehicle is a concern.

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