Brake Fluids: Silicone or Glycol-Based

You probably already know that brake fluid is pretty important to the functioning of your brakes. You might even know that brake fluid is pushed along in your brake lines to create pressure on your rotors when you push the pedal. What you might not have already known is that there is more than one kind of brake fluid.

The two kinds of brake fluid and glycol-based and silicone-based brake fluid. Glycol-based fluid is generally used for ABS brake systems. Silicone-based brake fluid is used for exclusively for vehicles that are not equipped with anti-lock brake technology. While glycol-based brake fluid will work in a vehicle that is not equipped with ABS, once glycol-based brake fluid has been used in a vehicle, it cannot be changed back to silicone-based fluid because the left over glycol will interact with the silicone, and the silicone fluid will be compromised.

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