The 2018 BMW M Model is Seriously Impressive

The BMW M is one of the most powerful performance-focused cars on the market. Packing everything a power enthusiast could want, you're sure to find yourself impressed with this year's iteration of the longtime standout. The BMW M 2018 includes a bevy of excellent features that will please even the most discerning car enthusiast. We've listed two of our favorites below.

First, the BMW M is constructed with high-quality, lightweight materials that provide a lighter driving experience with greatly enhanced quality. A lighter car translates to better handling, and better handling means you can be more confident in your vehicle's ability to make tight turns and sudden stops. The lightweight form factor doesn't sacrifice power, however: The BMW M is still packing a jaw-dropping 100 horsepower per liter. It doesn't get much better than that. Originating on the race track, the BMW M hosts a storied history of power and performance hardwired into its DNA.

If this sounds appealing to you, come to see us down at BMW of Myrtle Beach for a test drive.

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