Signs Your Fuel System May Be Failing

The fuel pump in your vehicle is continually working to pump fuel from your tank to your engine. When the fuel pump starts to fail so will your vehicle. Being aware of the signs of a failing fuel pump may prevent you from being stranded on the side of the road.

  • Noticing a loss in power when going uphill or pulling a heavy load.
  • The vehicle surges for no reason during regular driving.
  • A significant loss in gas mileage.
  • Noticing a sudden rise in your vehicles temperature gauge.
  • The engine will continually crank but will not start.

If you are starting to notice any of the above problems it is time to get your vehicle to a service technician immediately. Contact the experienced service technicians at BMW of Myrtle Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC to evaluate your vehicle fuel system and answer questions you may have about your vehicles fuel system.

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