Towing Guide

Towing is for the rugged at heart. You do not, however, want to wear out your truck because you were careless with your actions. Here are two things to remember when you are hauling extra weight.

1. Make sure your turn signals on your vehicle are in sync with those on your trailer

You do not want a car to run into the back of your extra load because the driver did not realize that you were slowing down to make a right turn. Such is the importance of having turn signals on your vehicle that are in sync with those on your trailer.

2. Load the heavy stuff first

Putting the bulky items on your carrier first allows for more even distribution of weight. You absolutely need balance when you are tackling hills on the road.

The art of towing is about more than just putting a few things on a trailer attached to the back. Stop by our service center here at BMW of Myrtle Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC for a more detailed discussion!

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