5 Reasons for Frequent Tire Rotations

If you are rotating the tires on your vehicle every 5,000 miles, you are benefiting from tires that are allowed to wear evenly. Here are a few things you may not have considered concerning tire rotations:

  1. Tires that wear evenly work to ensure you do not void the tire warranty.
  2. When the tires are rotated, they are able to grip the roads better and keep you safe when driving.
  3. Frequent tire rotations ensures you get maximum life of the tire treads.
  4. If tires wear unevenly, the vehicle tends to want to pull to one side of the highway when driving.
  5. There may be a very strong vibration in your vehicle if the tires are wearing unevenly that could distract you when you are driving.

At BMW of Myrtle Beach, we have several certified tire experts on hand to inspect and then rotate the tires on your vehicle routinely. Contact us soon!

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