Where Does the Term 'Horsepower' Come From?

One safe assumption to make is to say that your beloved BMW model possesses a tremendous amount of adrenaline-inspiring horsepower that always puts a smile on your face.

However, a lot of BMW drivers and vehicle owners are unsure of what the term "horsepower" means or how it refers to driving. You hear the term on TV, the internet, and from the mouths of car enthusiasts. Here at BMW of Myrtle Beach, we decided to break it down so that if you don't know what horsepower meant or the origin of the word before, you will know now!

The term was originally coined by engineer James Watt way back in the 18th century. And while the term originally was made to describe the amount of weight that ponies and literal horses could pull in a specific period of time, it has been adapted through the ages for use when describing, comparing and contrasting modern-day vehicles. James Watt coined the term horsepower to refer to 33,000 feet-pounds of work in the time period of one minute. More horsepower means a more powerful engine performance, but that much you already knew.

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