The Importance of Regular Fluid Replacement

Fluid maintenance should be a priority to avoid break down of your car. You should regularly check your fluids to get them replaced when they run low or get old. Our team at BMW of Myrtle Beach has prepared some guidelines on how often you should change your fluids.

  • Engine oil. You should check it every time you go to refill fuel or at least once per month. We at BMW of Myrtle Beach recommend that you replace it after every six months.
  • Coolant. Coolant keeps your car running cool. Make sure you check it twice per year and change it after 2-3 years.
  • Brake fluid. You should check it every time you go for an oil appointment and replace it after every two years.
  • Power steering fluid. It keeps your steering smooth and easy. Ensure you check it at least once per month and get it replaced after every 50,000 miles or whenever it is necessary.

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